We’re a group of Yale women who think that Yale men just don’t understand us, so we’ve started this blog to give a little bit of advice. We’re not trying to change all Yale men, but we’re hoping to at least save or start a couple of relationships. We hope to provide some words of wisdom to the men of Yale, whether they’re looking to hook up or have a long-term relationship. We know that navigating the seemingly labyrinthine paths of the female mind can be a daunting task, and so we here at Men’s Guide would like to help. Here’s our message to all Yale men:

So you’re a Yale Man and you’re hot shit. Of course you are, you got into Yale, didn’t you? Well, since you may have spent your high school years in an isolation chamber where your longest standing relationship was with your TI-84 that you got for your birthday in fifth grade, you have now entered a world in which there are woman. A lot of women, and lots of pretty ones too. Although the thought of long swishing hair and short skirts may at first appear intimidating, fear not, for we here at The Yale Man’s Guide are here to help you navigate this new and complex social atmosphere. We present you with the instruction manual to studying with and having fun with women in a safe, friendly, and respectful environment that works within the confines of Title IX. We recognize that many of you enter your college years filled with visions of a sexual playground with no consequences, but The Yale Man’s Guide seeks to set the record straight about what Yale women want, and what Yale Men should do to get what they want. While we do not pretend to be the experts in relationships, we are, in fact, Yale women, and are therefore better placed to tell you what women want, think, and feel than you currently are. Prepare yourself to learn something quite as important as anything you might get out of a MATH 120 lecture.

If you’re a Yale man and you have a question about love, life and women you want answered, send us an email at byyalewomenforyalemen@gmail.com and we’ll write a post just for you. Conversely if you’re a Yale woman and you have some advice that you want to share, send us an email too!


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