The single Yale man who may not want to be single anymore:

23 Jan

So there’s a girl that you’re trying to impress and maybe show that you could be THE ONE, or maybe she’s just a girl that you’d like to get to know better. How does a Yale man impress the Yale woman in question? The well-planned date can always make a good impression and potentially save a relationship/non-relationship and make it go somewhere.

We at the Yale Man’s Guide don’t want to make any generalizations, but the Yale men we’ve known seem to have pretty poor imaginations when it comes to dating (sorry, no offense meant to those who do have imaginations). Therefore, we’ve taken the liberty of giving you a couple of suggestions about what could be a good date (first date, second date, or just something a bit different for those in relationships). If it’s a first date, just make sure you don’t look over-eager – you might want to hold off on the flowers and candy until a later date (pun intended).

First dates can be tricky and ambiguous if not handled properly and you don’t want to leave her thinking, “Is this a friend-thing or is this a polite-thing or is this a date?” Questions of this sort are BAD, especially at the start of any relationship. For the first date, coffee can be a good idea, but maybe instead of sitting immediately next to 20 of your closest friends at Blue State, you might want to grab a coffee to go and take her to a more secluded space. However, the space in question should not be presumptuous (your room, for example). If it’s nice outside, try sitting on a bench on Old Campus or the roof of the Loria Center (if you can get up there) or the courtyard in the middle of Sterling. If it’s freezing and snowing or raining, how about an empty lecture hall or your favorite secluded spot on campus. You can also choose less popular spots on campus (aka NOT Blue State or Starbucks or Willoughby’s on York where absolutely everyone can hear what you are saying) like Jojo’s or Woodland or Koffee on Audubon. While we can suggest ideas of locals, it’s up to you to fill in the conversation.

A good way to avoid the questioning sort of date is to ask for lunch. And we’re not talking about lunch in a dining hall, because that says you’re lazy. No, we’re talking about a lunch date out at one of the many places to eat near Yale. Examples: Atticus, Mamoun’s, Basil, Thai Taste, Thali Too, or Bar. All cheap and all say quite definitively, THIS IS A DATE. Again, the conversation is up to you. And please remember, dinning halls are the epitome of ambiguous and will only cause frustration.

If you’re looking for something a bit more creative than the tried and true coffee date, how about a trip to the Yale British Art Center or the Yale University Art Gallery. This kind of date ensures that you will have something to talk about (the art) and maybe even the chance to show off some of your knowledge of 9th century Chinese pottery. Another creative option is a picnic. Get take-out sandwiches from Atticus and take a walk and picnic! Make sure that it isn’t raining (there’s a thing called and sometimes it’s right. Adjust your plans accordingly). And of course, there’s all of the cool events that Yale has going on – what could be better for a date?! YSO concerts, a cappella concerts, dance shows, musicals, plays, band concerts, etc. – most of these are FREE or really cheap! Master’s teas or special talks on topics that you’re both interested in can also be cute ideas, especially if you take her out for coffee afterwards. There is always so much happening on campus, so if you can’t find something that is interesting, you’re not looking in the right places.

But you know what? Sometimes, dinner and a movie is just fine.


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